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How it works

We use TRUSTED VIRAL networks

For Facebook : FansGalore taps into its network of people who are interested in learning about new products and brands. These individuals are also excellent networkers and relationship builders – all of them have over 5,000 friends that they share and converse with!,

For Twitter : We use the follow-back method, finding individuals or brands who share similar interests to you, and following them. Twitter etiquette often drives those who are followed to follow you back. There’s a little more magic that goes on in our back end, but for the most part, it’s straightforward.

For YouTube : FansGalore taps into its network of partnering sites to get your video displayed in multiple locations around the web. Visitors of those sites drive traffic to your video by watching it. It’s that simple.

For Website Traffic : We advertise your site or destination to thousands of viewers by utilizing our network of partnering sites. We also use a few other white-hat tricks, which are primarily used to boost your search engine ranking (capitalizing on the importance of page views in SEO).

Contact us if you have additional questions; we’d love to hear from you.